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Liebman David - Chromaticism/Non Diatonic Scales (con CD)

A concise description of David's approach to playing over the stated tonality using chromaticism, polychords, derived chords, and non-diatonic scales. Includes a CD of David playing examples over selected piano chords. A sure way to "hip up" and modernize your playing. For the intermediate to advanced instrumentalist with a solid foundation in traditional triadic harmony, David Liebman's book is an excellent vehicle for developing a practical and creative methodology of generating unique improvisational materials. The included compact disc has the outstanding feature of separation or blending of the left and right channels. In this manner, one can clearly grasp the tension and relaxation of singular non-diatonic notes against the background harmonies generated from the invented scales discussed. Alternately, one can pan the audio so that only the harmonic palette is heard, allowing for experimentation of one's own. There is a demonstration of how derived scales actually work on well-known tunes such as "Impressions". The author succeeds in leading the instrumentalist to infinite self-growth, unbinding expansion of possibilities. and true soul expression.

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Questo prodotto Ŕ stato aggiunto al nostro catalogo il giovedý 17 luglio, 2014.
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